Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good morning Corfu, Greece! (by Hiller)

Corfu architectural flourishes are Venetian, French and British-influenced. Corfu is named for the nymph Kerkira (daughter of the river Assopos) and means town on the summit. We learned that in Greece it is rude to wave with an open palm. We visited the Achillion, which was the Empress Elisabeth of Austria's Summer Palace. She was fascinated by the Greek hero Achilles. After she was assassinated in Switzerland in 1898, the villa was empty until Kaiser Wilhelm bought it in 1907. We enjoyed walking around the town with the narrow streets filled with interesting shops. We had gelato for an afternoon treat.

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  1. What lovely things you are seeing. And, what a different world to visit and learn. Be safe. Be well and enjoy. George