Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eiffel Tower (by Hiller and Gabe)

After a grueling (think hot, muggy, cramped space with three people trying to sleep) overnight train-ride from Venice through the Alps, we’re in Paris! C’est la vie. We took a day to recover and then ventured out to see the Eiffel Tower. What a sight to behold. One thousand sixty-three feet of steel perfectly aligned to create a master- piece. It’s funny that at one point the tower was believed to be too gaudy for the avant-garde artistic community in Paris. But they came around and now the tower is beloved by all who view it. (by Hiller) The top of the tower was closed so, we only went up to the second floor. Still, it was a great view. That same night we met Glenn, Elizabeth, Jeremy and Rachel (friends from Raleigh) and had a great dinner at a French cafĂ©. Afterwards, we made another trip to the Tower. It was lit up from bottom to top with spot-lights shooting out from the top! On the video you can hear how we each said a word to describe the tower. As we made our way back, the tower suddenly started to flash, as you will see in a different video. It’s a great place to visit. I would highly recommend it, especially at night! (by Gabe)


  1. Gabriel - NICE commentary! You should go into the business. And, Hiller - yes, that shot of the Eiffel tower (flashing beside the full moon) was outstanding.

  2. The Eiffel Tower reporting was excellent by your tour Guide in chief, Gabriel. Great sights to see and good pics, once again. It is nearly over, so,enjoy, report often and take care. Grandpa

  3. Thanks for responding Pru. Hope you guys are doing well! Hiller